Guest Book

Jeremy Scheffert

I have stayed at the R&R Bayview Resort on a few occasions during the winter and summer. All seasons are a great time here, awesome fishing, boating, relaxing in the lake in the summer and unbelievable snowmobiling in the winter time! The location of R&R is great! The restaurant serves a mean eggs Benedict and the service is outstanding! There is no other place I would go!

Marlene Berendt

R and R Bayview Rocks! Our group has been coming to this resort every summer for many many years. The family friendly resort and clean and comfortable cabins makes for a relaxing week of fishing, swimming, boating and campfires. The full service bar and restaurant on site is a wonderful treat. Tony, Lori and team are great. This resort located on the Chippewa Flowage is where life long family memories are made. A really enjoyable place to VACATION!

Ellen Earnest

R & R Resort is the place to stay at. The location is great, the cabins are very clean and comfortable, and the fishing is tremendous. Highly recommend!! It’s a great value for your dollar. Lots of regulars year after year, it’s like coming home for a family reunion. Great place, the restaurant, the FISHING!! This is the place to stay. Can’t wait to come back for our annual stay.

Chris Perry

One of the years we stayed at R&R Bayview I was water skiiing when I got tired and let go. As the boat was turning around to pick me up I saw something swimming in the water. When I looked a little closer it was a bear! While I was yelling at my family to hurry and pick me up they were taking pictures! I held up my ski to hit it over the head if it came near me but it was just trying to get to land! So you never know what you may see in the water on the flowage!!!

We have tried many places on the flowage but R&R Bayview is our favorite. Our group rents out 4 cabins. The kids have so many fond summer memories, water skiing, swimming, fishing, hiking and going horseback riding. The cabins are clean and very nice size and the price is right!

John Stoddart

We purchased our place on 6/1/2006. Without a doubt the Flowage is a great body of water to have access to. Equally important for us, was feeling comfortable, what made that happen was how we were treated by everyone at R&R Resort. It was hard to close up for the winter. Linda,Taylor, my sons and myself are looking forward to re-opening this spring. See your early this Spring.


Looking forward to our fifth year at R & R, seems like we are headed back home each time!  Lori and Tony always make us feel welcome, and the cabins are big and clean.

The fishing is always good, last year one of our guys caught a 41 incher right at the end of the channel!  He hasn’t let us forget it either!  Can’t wait to get back to see you again!

Wishin ‘ I was fishin ‘!!!

Gary Kriesel

The kid, the dad, and the muskie

This ten year-old boy was fishing from the dock. My brother and I were sitting out having a beer and watched him as he cast a large artificial lure. He got it caught in a boat on one cast, on another the dock and a tree branch with another; but he never gave up. After the tree branch, he cast out into the middle of the bay. As he reeled slowly in, the water exploded as a muskie grabbed the bait. We could hear the line running out, the boy was holding on with both hands screaming, “Dad!” After the third yell, Dad came out of their cabin confused and a little under the influence. Once he understood the situation he yelled instructions to his son, “keep the line tight, don’t horse it, try to reel in slow…and let him run when he wants to run.” The boy knowing nothing of what the instructions meant just held on to the pole for dear life. He did try to reel a couple of times. The dad meanwhile went to their boat and reached for the landing net. The boat wasn’t tied tight, so as he leaned the boat drifted out…next thing dad was wet to the waist, but with landing net in hand he went to help his son. “Keep reeling, slow now, don’t want to spook him…I see him…ah, he’s a nice one, just a little closer and I’ll scoop him in.” And then with a mighty swing the dad scooped into the water and as he pulled the net out of the water the muskie flew out of the net and the lure stayed in the net. There was a giant splash as the muskie hit the water and swam away. The father stood motionless with net in hand. The son looked at him in disbelief; after a long silence he dropped the pole on the dock and without a word started up the stairs. As he reached the top his dad sheepishly asked, “Where you going?” The boy without stopping or looking back announced, “I’m getting myself a beer.”