The Big Chip

140 islands ~ 240 miles of shoreline ~ 17,500 acres ~ 90% undeveloped

R&R Bayview is located in the cool northwoods of northern Wisconsin, on the famous Chippewa Flowage. The “Big Chip” is the second largest body of water in Wisconsin, having 240 miles of shoreline, covering over 17,500 acres of area.

Within the sheltered bays, the famous floating bogs of the Chippewa Flowage provide shelter for the fish trying to escape the powerful muskie and provide some of Wisconsin’s finest Bass, Large Crappie and Panfishing. Over 90% undeveloped, the “Big Chip” offers the quiet solitude of wilderness, with bald eagles, herons and loons in abundance.

“Monster Musky”

In 1998 partial skeleton remains of a world-class musky were found. According to the area fishing-manager for the DNR, “it had a jaw spread of over nine inches, teeth as big as 1 1/2 inches and a length range of 58-70 inches” (the current world record is 63 1/2 inches)

In 2000 two of our guests landed a record Blue cat. While they were bringing it in a musky grabbed it. Not just any musky, this thing was huge! Comparing the bite marks on the cat to the jaw found two years earlier determined that this musky was even bigger! (Check Out Musky Hunter February/March 2001 Issue)

In the last seven years two sets of jaws have been found that match or exceed the estimated 70 inch mark. The Flowage produces some monster fish just waiting for your wall at home and the record books!

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Bass & Crappie have been excellent the last few years!

Vacation at the ultimate Northern Wisconsin fishing resort on the Chippewa Flowage, R & R Bayview Resort. Fish for trophy muskies, walleye, and crappie on Lake Chippewa and stay in comfortable lodging & accommodations with R & R Bayview Resort in Hayward, Wisconsin. Lake Chippewa Musky Fishing in Hayward, Wisconsin.

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